Zambia President urges party to prepare for General Elections

Zambian President Edgar Lungu. Photo : RR

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Zambian and Patriotic Front (PF) President Edgar Lungu recently challenged his party structures to begin lobbying for the 2021 general election, the Zambian Observer reported.

Speaking when he addressed party members in Kanchibiya district, he stated that time has come for the party to take review of its performance and work towards consolidating its rule.

“Mobilisation should not be taken only for campaigns, but as an exercise to grow the party,” said Lungu.

Lungu also highlighted that he is undertaking an audit of developmental projects around the country to ensure that are all completed.

“I am concerned that developmental projects in Muchinga Province as well as other provinces remain stalled despite funds being disbursed to complete the projects,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lungu has directed that Ministry of Finance and all spending agencies to work together as one government functionary to ensure that infrastructure and developmental projects are adequately financed.

The President further stated that he want all bottlenecks sorted out that are making projects to stall despite disbursement of funds by government to contractors.

“If left unchecked the stalling of projects and extension of project timeframes can breed corruption in the procurement process and delivery of developmental projects.”

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