East of DRC : four militiamen killed in Beni in a counteroffensive of the army

A militia patrol in the DRC. Photo : AfricaCenter

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Four militiamen were killed in a counter-offensive by the Congolese army in the Beni region of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The fighting took place in Mamove, about 50 km west of Beni, an area previously spared by attacks attributed to the ADF.

The army also, “managed to free four hostages” in this counteroffensive.

The series of attacks against Beni and its surroundings have caused several hundred deaths among the local population since 2014.

The latest killings attributed to the ADF in the Beni region took place on 9 January and killed 10 people including seven civilians and three Congolese army soldiers.

In addition, six militiamen from another armed group were killed in the dismantling by the army of their training camp in the neighboring province of Ituri, said an army spokesman.

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