Uganda’s search for nine-month-baby continues after accident

Ngora residents at the accident scene. Photo: Charles Achoda.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – The Ugandan police and the local rescue team are still searching for a nine-month-old baby in the River Agu Bridge after a taxi leapt into the water yesterday.

According to East Kyoga regional Police Spokesperson, Michael Odongo, three bodies have been recovered, with four people dead and seven others injured.

“We have recovered three bodies. Our police and local rescue teams are searching for a body of a nine-month-old baby who is missing,” said Odongo.

The incident occurred at Ngora District, eastern Uganda while driving along the Ngora-Serere Highway.

Odongo told Xinhua News Agency that the taxi was from the district of Pallisa to Serere when the driver attempted to overtake another car.

“The taxi driver was attempting to overtake another car in a corner approaching the bridge. In the process he lost control, knocked the pavement and plunged into the river,” he said.

According to media reports, Odongo said the Chinese engineers of China Geo-Engineering Corporation, who are currently constructing the Agu water treatment plant, utilised their excavator to pull out the taxi and commuters.

The spokesperson, who also said the accident was caused by reckless driving, said injured people have been taken to Ngora Freda Carr Hospital for medical attention and the dead bodies have been taken for performance of postmortems.

“The accident was caused as a result of careless and reckless driving. Uganda registers about 20 000 road accidents each year, with some 2 000 deaths, making it one of the countries with the highest traffic death rates, according to police statistics,” said Odongo.

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