South Africa : a sense of comfort following success of land reform

David Mabuza, Deputy President. Photo : REUTERS

NEWSROOM (ADV) – South African Deputy President David Mabuza said on Monday that resolving the land question will contribute to building unity, social cohesion and a sense of nationhood.

Delivering the government’s Christmas message to his countrymen, Mabuza highlighted the importance of land reform, saying this issue “goes to the heart of our very being and our heritage.”

Land reform will unite the nation, Mabuza said, refuting criticism that the issue has divided South Africans.

The country has managed to rise above criticism, he said.

“In addressing these and other challenges, we believe that unity is an important pillar of building an equal society that we shall all strive for,” said Mabuza.

“Unity shall be our lifelong pursuit for the sake of future generations,” he added.

As South Africans close this year, they do so with a sense of comfort and encouragement that they are making great strides in resolving the important issue of land, Mabuza said.

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