Uganda : first Strategic Leaders Summit in Kampala

According to the CEO of Human Capital Emmanuel Dei-Tumi. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Ugandan business leaders and executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and policy makers will on February 20th, 2019 hold the first ever Kampala Strategic Leaders Summit.

Its theme will be “Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreurship development in times of uncertainties.

According to the CEO of Human Capital Emmanuel Dei-Tumi, the purpose of the summit is to create a strategic nest where every year, business leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers can converge to critically engage in a strategic discourse that will lead to the continuous learning and empowerment of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.

He added that the summit will among other things, aim at encouraging business leaders in Africa to embrace the right “Change focused leadership paradigms, principles and strategies” to set local business and organizations up for success based on very informed policy strategy alternatives.

Further Emmanuel pointed out that the target group is entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, public officials and University students.

It will be hosted by Human Capital International who has promised an intellectual, stimulating, change management discourse and content relevance during the summit.

Emmanuel, on behalf of HCI extended sincere thanks to its sponsors ECOBANK for seeing the enormous potential and opportunities in the initiative.

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