U.S. eyes nationals from 5 African countries for overstay

Millions of Africdan staying illegally in US on tight rope. Photo : RR

Monrovia, Liberia (ADV) – The United States government has announced that it was “closely monitoring” five African countries whose nationals overstay after their short-term visas expired, ADV learnt here on Tuesday.

The move to clamp down on overstays was part of the American government’s efforts to curb illegal immigration, local media in Monrovia quoted The Wall Street Journal.

“An overstay is a non-immigrant, who was lawfully admitted to the United States for an authorized period but stayed in the United States beyond his or her authorized admission period,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was quoted as saying.

The weekend edition of the leading American outlet named the African nations with high overstays rates including Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

A strategy was already in motion to “clamp down” on nationals from these countries, the sources said.

In 2017, DHS recorded 783 out of 858 Liberians as “in-country overstays.” This constituted 18.93 per cent of the expected 4,136 Liberian departures from the U.S. that year.

In-country overstays from Eritrea, however, were 473 out of 2390 expected departures (19.79%); Nigeria had 19046 in-country overstays out of 185,375 expected departures (10.27 per cent).

Others are Sierra Leone had 319 suspected in-country overstays, out of 2,844 expected departures; while Chad had 140 in-country overstays out of 611 total expected departures (22.91%).

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