South Africa : President Ramaphosa to hand over schools in KwaZulu Natal

President Cyril Ramaphosa priorities community development. Photo : Media

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will this week officiate the handover of three primary schools in the KwaZulu Natal Province, the Presidency said in a statement on Sunday.

Set to be conducted on Wednesday at the Enhlanhleni Primary School in Dannhauser, Newcastle, the ceremony will see Enhlanhleni, Lembe and Ingweni Phaphama primary schools situated in Dannhauser, Newcastle, Utrecht and Vryheid respectively handed over to the communities.

“In partnership with the Adopt-A-School Foundation as the implementing agent, the schools were built under the Department of Basic Education’s Accelerated School Infrastructure Delivery Initiative (ASIDI) with the objective of eradicating schools without water, sanitation and electricity and to replace schools constructed from inappropriate material,” said the Presidency.

The partnership is in response to the President’s call for collaboration between government and civil society to realise the right of children to safety and dignity in educational facilities.

At the three schools in question, mud structures built by communities more than 30 years ago in some instances, have been replaced with modern brick and mortar structures with additional design elements that allow for a positive learning environment.

The Presidency also said the designs comply with current and future school requirements and complement the rural environment in which they are situated.

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