Pope Francis expresses love for Morocco after an emotional trip

Pope Francis (Left) and Morocco's King Mohammed VI, called for the protection of Jerusalem's multi-religious character, saying the city's sacred sites must be accessible to worshippers of all faiths. Photo : REUTERS

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Pope Francis has warmly spoken about his recent stay in Morocco, touting the country for its diversity-encouraging everyday culture.

Pope Francis, who visited Morocco for the first time on March 30-31, has expressed satisfaction with his stay in the North African country.

On his way back to the Vatican after what he called a delightful two-day stay in Morocco, Pope Francis told the press on board his flight that his trip gave him the image of a “beautiful flower of coexistence.”

The Pope, who had a busy schedule in Morocco, called for the preservation of coexistence to transcend the difficulties “which unfortunately exist because there are intransigent groups.”

The Pope also criticized US President Donald Trump, saying that “those who build the walls will end up trapped in the walls they build.”

In speeches throughout his Moroccan stay, Francis reiterated his faith in principles of international solidarity and interreligious dialogue. He said that the world should invest in building bridges, not walls.

“Those who build bridges are moving forward. The bridge is for human communication, it is very beautiful and I have seen it here in Morocco.”

In Morocco, the pope and King Mohammed VI signed a document they called “the Jerusalem appeal.” The move aimed to garner support in the international community to reclaim the multi-religious character of the city of Jerusalem, which is considered holy site by all the three Abrahamic religions.

The Pope said that believers of all faiths want a free Jerusalem , and described the appeal he signed with the King describing it as a “step forward” in the struggle against regimes and leaders who oppose the universality of Jerusalem.

The move to sign the document, Pope Francis argued, was not the reflection of his and King Mohammed VI’s deep convictions alone. Rather, the appeal is an alarm call from“brother believers who suffer to see that this city of hope is still not as universal as we all want it to be.”

More than an agreement, the appeal is “a desire, a call to religious fraternity that is symbolized in this city that belongs to all of us,” the pope stressed.

“Thank you Morocco for this opportunity,” the crowd chanted in chorus as the pope concluded his mass.

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