SADC initiates hub to fight climate change in rural areas

SADC initiates hub to fight climate change in rural areas. Photo : Modern Diplomacy

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The Southern African Development Community (SADC) region has initiated a knowledge sharing website that will act as a hub for addressing climate change in rural areas, Malawi24 reported.

The hub which is set to benefit farmers was introduced by the Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA).

According to the Malawi Ministry of Agriculture’s Knowledge Management and Communication Specialist, Upile Muharika, the website will enable farmers in the SADC region to share knowledge and get information on what is happening in other countries. He said this will improve agricultural technologies through capacity building.

“People from different countries come together to know how they can grow crops such as maize sustainably, improving food security through increased agricultural productivity and incomes from the crops,” said Muharika.

She urged for more public awareness about the website and the introduction of other platforms in order to reach the common farmer.
The CCARDESA’s Technical Advisor, Bridget Kakuwa, noted that the organisation also plans to introduce offline communication like an SMS line to reach ordinary farmers.

“Climate change is already having severe impacts on agricultural production and food security in Southern Africa hence there is a need for adaptation and mitigation,” said Kakuwa, adding that collaboration, knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening across and within countries are key in order to take climate – smart agriculture in SADC to scale.

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