Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan unite to fight exam cheating

Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan unite to fight exam cheating. Photo : Standardmedia.co.ke

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The East African regions recently passed the establishment of the Eastern Africa Association for Educational Assessment (EAAEA), which aims at strengthening the fight against examination cheating, Daily news reported.

The association is set to bring together heads of examination councils from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. It is expected to simplify the availability of academic information for students who study within the east African region.

The association will also serve as a platform for professionals to conduct research, share experiences, knowledge and skills. The Tanzanian National Examinations Council (NECTA) Executive Secretary, Dr Charles Msonde, was elected as the association’s first President.

Other leaders who will serve a three year-term in office include the National Examination Council of South Sudan’s Secretary General, Simon Deng, who was elected as the Vice-President; Uganda National Examination Board’s Executive Director, Dr Dan Odongo, elected as the Secretary General; and Kenya National Examinations Council’s Acting Executive Officer, Dr Mercy Karogo, elected as the association’s Treasurer.

Dr Msonde said the association was formed so the four countries can work together in addressing the challenges.

“Apart from examination cheating and theft, we are also looking forward to sharing experiences and skills in combating irregularities in supervising examinations,” said Dr Msonde, adding that the association will make it easy for citizens of member countries who study within the region to access education information easily.

“This will ease the recognition of educational qualifications within the member countries, the idea of establishing the association was born in March, 2018 when East Africa’s heads of examination councils met in Dar es Salaam where they drafted a roadmap for establishing the association.”

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