Zimbabwe gets US$1 million for the procurement of essential medicines and equipment

Zimbabwe's Minister of Health, Dr Obediah Moyo, concerned about Doctors. -PHOTO: The Herald

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The government of Zimbabwe recently secured US$1 million for the procurement of essential medicines and equipment needed in public hospitals, The Herald reported.

According to Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah, the ministry also made arrangements with some companies to get medical supplies and pay through RTGs as part of efforts to ensure pharmacies are well stocked and medicines and surgical supplies are available.

The government is also working hard to improve working conditions of doctors.

“I met the doctors who raised concern mainly to do with lack of resources for use at the workplace,” said Moyo.

“Doctors have not gone on strike as alleged by some circles of the media. Senior doctors are at work. We had a meeting with them and they raised their concerns that included shortages of surgical supplies. They do not have adequate supplies and said the number of cases that they can attend is reduced. I was happy to meet with them and they were also happy because they had met with their management at Parirenyatwa Hospital yesterday (Tuesday) where they had discussed issues regarding shortages of supplies, especially gloves. Surgeons indicated to management problems that they are facing and those can be resolved.”

Dr Moyo said every health care worker should have ownership of the ministry.

“We have already set up various committees like a health assembly that includes consultants and all nursing staff. The health assembly has to meet on a continuous basis and come up with solutions to the problems within the ministry such as drug supply, equipment, medicines and working conditions.
“This is the approach that we are working on. We want everyone to work as one team. We have managed to secure from the Ministry of Finance US$1 million. We want to get a team of the end users to make determinations on what should be purchased,” he said.

“We are going to solve quite a lot of issues as a result of working together as a team. My office is open to everyone; health workers, clients and patients and anyone can come and present their problems”.

Dr Moyo said apart from the US$1 million, Government had made arrangements with a company that will bring medicines and surgical supplies with the ministry paying through RTGS.

“From the meeting we asked the doctors to go to NatPharm to assist with the adjudication. The company has a lot of products and once we have finalised the arrangement we will announce the items and quantities that will have been delivered to NatPharm,” he said.

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