Burkina Faso: about 700 suspected terrorists held in high security prisons

About 700 suspected terrorists held in high security prisons. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Burkinabe government challenged Thursday night a report of a human rights movement accusing its army of “atrocities” in the fight against terrorism, noting that “about 700 suspected terrorists” are detained in the country’s high security prisons.

“Moreover, all the operations of securing the territory are carried out respecting the principle of the gradation of the force that are successively the simple control, the arrest, the arrest and the neutralization in case of necessity”, said the door government spokesman Remis Dandjinou in a statement.

“For example, there are today about 700 suspected terrorists held in high security prisons,” he said.

The government reaffirms that as a member of the Human Rights Committee, Burkina Faso is aware of the commitments and the responsibility that this implies and respects individual and collective freedoms, said the spokesman of the government.

While expressing reservations about the investigative methods of human rights activists, the Burkinabe government takes note of the allegations and ensures that investigations are being conducted into the facts presented, he added.

The government “assures the national and international opinion of its firm determination to continue the operations of securing the national territory, the people and their property in the strict respect of human rights and international humanitarian law,” he said.

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has faced a resurgence of terrorist attacks, which have left more than 300 dead and thousands displaced. The capital Ouagadougou has been hit three times in less than two years.

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