The United States is withdrawing troops from Africa as well

Commander of the US Africa Command, Thomas Waldhauser. Photo: official Twitter


NEWSROOM (ADV) – Commander of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), Thomas Waldhauser said that the US Department of Defence plan is to reduce the number of US troops in Africa, but still, it will have no impact on the air strikes in Libya.

In his briefing before the US Congress, Waldhauser said that the first phase of the reduction plan requires the withdrawal of about 300 US troops from the African continent by June 2020, which represents 10% of the US forces in Africa.

Weeks ago, President Trump decided to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. Some political analysts described the withdrawal as a major failure of the US troops to achieve its regional interests in defiance of other international powers.

US AFRICOM is one of ten unified combatant commands of the United States Armed Forces, headquartered at Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. It is responsible for U.S. military operations, including fighting regional conflicts and maintaining military relations with 53 African nations.

Its area of responsibility covers all of Africa except Egypt, which is within the area of responsibility of the United States Central Command.

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