Tanzanian Children Dignity Forum establishes Girls’ Clubs

Children Dignity Forum (CDF) advocates for children's rights and well-being. Photo: CDF, Facebook

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Tanzania’s Children Dignity Forum (CDF), has formed 16 girls’ clubs, to promote children’s rights, African Daily Voice has learnt.

According to Daily News, the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) advocates for children’s rights and facilitates the clubs around secondary schools in the country’s Mpwapwa District.

CDF Programme Officer, Evans Rwamuhuru, said the clubs provide a platform to discuss various issues affecting children. He was speaking during a recent CDF workshop which brought together 30 victims of teenage pregnancy from four wards.

During the workshop, young people were trained in entrepreneurial skills to enable them to engage in income generating activities.

“CDF works together with the girls’ clubs to promote children’s rights for most vulnerable children, especially girls, through the creation of working forums that empower children, families and communities,” said Rwamuhuru.

“The clubs work together with communities surrounding the schools to promote children’s rights. They play a key role in advocating children’s rights, especially girls in communities.”

He further noted that his organisation aims to implement programmes to promote, advocate and improve children’s rights and well-being.

“CDF helps to mobilise the community, change public attitudes on issues concerning children, influence policy and build capacity for children’s participation in development,” said Rwamuhuru.

He added that his NGO engages men and boys in the promotion of women and girls’ right to uphold gender equality.

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