Tanzania encourages women to work hard for leadership roles

Tanzania encourages women to take on leadership positions. Photo : News Deeply

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – Former Tanzania National Assembly Speaker, Anne Makinda recently challenged women to work hard within societies to earn respect.

Speaking during the workshop organised by Oxfam Tanzania and Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA), Makinda also said women needed empowerment to contest for constituencies to increase the number of women in Parliament.

“Special-seats are basically aimed at building confidence in women. Thereafter, they should get out and contest, you must aim higher,” said Makinda.

“Confidence building in women is paramount, you can even approach women individually and encourage them that they can after looking at their abilities.”

TAWLA Executive Director, Tike Mwambipile, said the association has decided to convene some of the successful women leaders so that they could organise themselves as women for the next elections, considering that currently women account for only 6.7 percent of elected Members of Parliament.

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