South African National Defence Force arrests soldiers for fraud

Chief of the South African National Defence Force, Solly Shoke. Photo: Sakhile Ndlazi

Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has arrested three of its members, African Daily Voice can confirm.

The three members of the SANDF stationed at Air Force Headquarters appeared before a Court of Military Judge in Thaba-Tshwane earlier this week on charges relating to defrauding the state and submitting fraudulent invoices.

“The three soldiers, a Colonel and Warrant Officer Class Two were nabbed on Friday March 1 following an investigation by the military police and defence intelligence officials, whilst another member – a Flight Sergeant – was arrested on Monday March 4,” reads a statement issued by the Defence Corporate Communication Pretoria.

“The three accused face charges of defrauding the state on Item 40 (discounting leave) to the value of R1.1 million, Subsistence and Travel Allowance (S & T) fraud using forged signatures and submission of fraudulent accommodation (guest house) invoices. They were informed of their charges, released on leave on instruction pending the finalisation of their suspension. They are prohibited from their workplace to prevent interference with the investigations.”

The three have not pleaded and will appear in court again on a date to be determined by prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the Chief of SANDF, General Solly Shoke commended the swift action by military law enforcement officials to apprehend these members who stand accused of fraud.

“We do not want member the SANDF members who put the organisation’s name into disrepute, committing dishonourable acts of criminality.”

He further issued a stern warning to all soldiers and Public Service Act Personnel that the SANDF was not a place for thieves and thugs and that actions will be taken against those caught engaging in acts of criminality.

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