Ahmed Sékou Touré, the No to Françafrique — (video)

MOSCOW, USSR. Anastas Mikoyan (L), Ahmed Sekou Toure and Leonid Brezhnev (R). Photo TASS / Budan Viktor; Musaelyan Vladimir (Photo by TASS via Getty Images)

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NEWSROOM (ADV) – Ahmed Sékou Touré is a man who made history of Guinea.

Holder of a simple primary certificate, but self-taught, Sékou Touré is a man with an exceptional destiny who knew how to rise to the head of Guinea and to the front of the international scene at a time when Africa lived a situation of superposition of traditional and colonial structures.

Forty days of national mourning are decreed to honor his memory. No less than fifty African leaders are present at his funeral.

Back on the exceptional life of this prominent African leader.


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