Gabon wants Turkey as a partner for technology transfer

The Minister of Higher Education, Jean de Dieu Moukagni-Iwangou and the Turkish Ambassador to Gabon, Fevzi Süphan Erkula, February 19, 2019 in Libreville. Photo: Gabon Review

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Gabonese Minister of Higher Education, Research and Technology Transfer, Jean de Dieu Moukagni-Iwangou, received yesterday in audience the Turkish ambassador to Gabon, Fevzi Süphan Erkula. The two men exchanged how Gabon can benefit from a Turkish transfer of technology.

The Gabonese government wants to join the Republic of Turkey in the fields of scientific and technological research, innovation and higher education, local sources report.

During their meeting, the Minister of Higher Education and the Turkish diplomat reviewed the bilateral framework of cooperation between their two countries, to see what Gabon can learn from Turkey and vice versa. “Our approach is guided by mutual interests. From this point of view, I am satisfied and impressed by the opportunities offered by Turkey,” said Moukagni-Iwangou.

An opinion shared by the Turkish ambassador in Gabon. “By cooperation we mean mutual interests between our two countries. We complement each other in a number of areas, and for our part we will do our utmost to facilitate cooperation with relevant institutions in Turkey, for the development of protocols, for cooperation in scientific and technological research, innovation and education. “, adds Fevzi Süphan Erkula.

At the end of the hearing, the diplomat invited the Minister to visit Ankara soon to learn about the Turkish model of technological development.

Gabon and Turkey had already, on several occasions, strengthened bilateral cooperation in a number of areas. In May 2015, during an official visit by President Ali Bongo to Ankara, Gabon and Turkey had, for example, shared their desire to increase the volume of their trade to nearly three hundred million dollars a year.

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