Nigeria: ruling party says its website has been hacked

The president Muhammadu Buhari. Photo: Reuters

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party voiced concerns on Saturday over the hacking of its official website, adding that it found unauthorized content on it.

Although the party did not specifically designate any particular person or organization, it said it would not let desperate people succeed in their evil intrigues.

Lanre Issa-Onilu, spokesman for the APC, said in a statement received by ADV that the site was closed while steps were being taken to strengthen its security functions.

“Our attention has just been drawn to the fact that the APC’s official website,, has been hacked with unauthorized content published on our pages,” the statement said.

“Arrangements are under way to clean it up, strengthen its security and restore it as quickly as possible, and we will not let desperate people succeed in their evil intrigues,” the party added.

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