Guinea signs agreement with striking teachers

Guinea signs agreement with striking teachers. Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Guinean government and the Free Union of Teachers and Researchers of Guinea have signed a memorandum of understanding to end the crisis, which will allow the lifting of the strike launched by the Union of Teachers since the opening of classes in October 2018 and whose slogan was followed by some teachers, so this agreement recommends thawing salaries of teachers strikers, local media reported.

Regarding the salary increase for all teachers to 8 million Guinean francs (870 dollars) claimed by the the Free Union of Teachers and Researchers of Guinea, it was planned to set up a joint government-union committee to clean up the staff file to find all fictitious teachers.

This census operation will generate significant funds that will be transferred to the salaries of teachers in class situation. In addition, teachers who have been transferred to certain areas for strike action will be immediately rehabilitated, again according to the agreement to end the crisis.

As part of improving the living conditions of teachers, the text states that the government will build social housing and that teachers have priority for social housing.

Stakeholders recommended the organization of remedial classes in all public schools for student upgrading.

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