Seychelles’ unemployment rate sees drop

Seychelles officials have confirmed that the unemployment rate in the country has dropped from 5% to 3.5%. Photo: Colorado Media.

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Seychelles officials have confirmed that the unemployment rate in the country has dropped from 5% to 3.5% due to the reintroduction of the Unemployment Relief Scheme.

“The relief scheme has played a huge role in getting people into employment,” said a Technical Advisor of the Employment Department, Susan Morel recently.

“We have conducted a door-to-door exercise disseminating information, which has been very effective in pushing people in employment.”

The unemployment relief scheme dates back to 1995 and reintroduced for unemployed Seychellois aged 18 years and above who were dependent on welfare.

It has assisted around 1,900 people in gaining employment since its reintroduction in the last quarter of last year.

The quarterly figures are based on data collected in late 2018 through a national survey from a sample of 1,200 households split into sub-samples of 400 households. Interviews for the survey were conducted each month on all the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

The survey has shown disparity between the male and female group being unemployed. The higher unemployment rate has been recorded among the male population which equates to that of 4.2% compared to the female population which equates to 2.9%.

Despite of the positive sign resulting in a drop in the unemployment rate the country still largely depends on foreign labour in order to fill in the gap in the market.

“A look of the statistic reveals that the number of foreign labour will continue to increase due to the country’s lack of labour force in certain sectors such as construction and tourism. This will remain unless we prepare ourselves to take the positions occupied by foreigners,” said Morel.

Morel also added that the country needs to review its policy in terms of recruitment to control excess influx of foreign labour.

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