Rwanda schools on brink of closure

Rwanda schools on brink of closure. Photo: African Media

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – More than 100 primary and secondary in Rwanda schools are on the brink of closure after failing to meet operational standards set by the government.

With only a few days to go towards opening of the 2019 calendar syllabus, the Rwanda’s Ministry of Education recently disclosed reports of poor hygiene, misuse of capitation grants, failure to feed students and misuse of Information and Communication Technology equipment in in various schools.

This move has brought grief amongst Rwandan teachers who believe that the delay will not bring any good to them and students.

“We were inspected recently but are yet to know the final findings,” a school principal told media recently.

According to the education ministry some schools are in deficit of leadership, clouded in abuse and have unqualified staff members.

The ministry also gave the school administrators time to fulfil all the requirements.

Benjamin Kageruka, the Head of Inspection Department, said the inspection was completed but declined to divulge details, saying he needs authorisation from his superiors.

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