Mali : the main trade union Center announces a three-day strike from 9 to 11 January

Main trade union Center announces a three-day strike. Photo: Mali Picture

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The National Union of Workers of Mali (NUWM, the main trade union center of the country), said in a statement Tuesday a three-day strike from 9 to 11 January 2019 after the failure of its negotiations with the government.

In the statement, the secretary general of the plant, Yacouba Katilé, accused the government of resorting to “the technique of stalling and delaying” to prevent conciliation.

If the slogan is followed, the country risks being paralyzed because the NUWM brings together unions from key sectors such as public administration, banks and other financial services, health, urban and interurban transport.

However, sources close to the power plant said that the tax union has disassociated itself from the slogan of strike which must concern all workers in the public, parapublic and private sector throughout the territory.

In its 12-point grievances, the NUWM demands, among other things, the increase in wages and the extension of retirement age and the review of collective agreements in the mining sector.

Malian railway workers have been on hunger strike since 18 December 2018 to demand the payment of ten months of salary arrears, local observers recall.

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