Ghanaians divided over construction of cathedral in Accra

National cathedral of Ghana in Accra. Photo: RR

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – President Nana Akufi Addo’s election promise to construct a cathedral in the capital, Accra is hitting a snag.

The confusion stems from the fact that the site earmarked by the President is being bitterly contested by many of his compatriots.

The confusion erupted and has been flaring since Friday when the President led a fundraising event and promised US$20,000 as his personal contribution.

It was at the event that the site was made known and falls within the precincts of the national passport office, residents of two High Court Judges and other national edifices.

Hence, dissention voices say it will cost a fortune to relocate those public edifices in order to implant the majestic cathedral building.

In essence, it is the cost implication that many of President Addo’s citizens are kicking against.

But by all indication, the President is hell bent to go ahead with the project in the majority Christian country where Addo himself is a Catholic.

Analysts say, he still has time to ponder over the concerns raised by his compatriots and will have the project executed before he leaves offices hopefully at the end of his mandate in nearly three year’s time.

No exact estimates of the project have been made known todate.

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