Notorious Somali Al Shabab bomber killed by firing squad

al Shabaab. Photo : Reuters

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Abdulkadir Abukar Shaa’ir, the most notorious Somali bomber was executed early Monday, today, by firing squad.

The serial Al-Shabaab bomber was perforated with several shots after a military tribunal slammed a death sentence against him by firing squad.

Shaa’ir, aged 41, was convicted of conducting pre-bombing surveillance, delivering explosive-laden cars, local media quoted a Voice of America journalist Harun Maruf.

The slain bomber was found him guilty of terrorism related crimes after his arrest in May 2017 whiles driving a car fitted with explosives.

Somalia still maintains the capital punishment in spite of calls for the country to abandon it, arguing that it was the most appropriate for high-magnitude crimes like bombing.

Al-Shabaab insurgents have killed thousands of civilians since they launched their onslaught against the country in 1991 with the aim to unseat the civilian governments and install Sharia’a laws.

Several efforts by the international community to flush the insurgents out has paid very little dividends.

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