Somalia: monstrous blast kills 6, Al-Shabab again indexed

Monstrous blast kills 6. Photo: KBC

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – A twin bomb last early Saturday in Mogadishu has killed six, with Al Shabab highly suspected, sources said.

Almost all of the victims are soldiers, local media reported quoting eyewitnesses.

The twin incidents are coming barely a week after the U.S. reopened its embassy in Mogadishu after over two decades of absence.

Early this month also, the US claimed its drone had killed 62 Al Shabab terror elements in a joint operation with the Somali government troops.

The two incidents signals the end a month-long calm in the battered Horn of Africa country.

Sources said first of the monstrous bombs believed to be a car bomb, detonated at a checkpoint near the national theatre and main stadium which is a maximum security district of Mogadishu.

As for the second blast, it obtained minutes later in the same area, local media said.

Eyewitnesses claim the second was carried out by a kamikaze Somalia is most deadly country in the Horn of Africa clocking almost four decades since 1991 when extremist Islamic terror groups braced for an all out battle against government to plant an Islamic Shari’a state.

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