The government wants to abolish the death penalty

NEWSROOM (ADV) – According to the statement of one of representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Zimbabwe, the government intends to abolish the death penalty. At the same time, plans are already being developed to hold debates on constitutional amendments aimed at ending the death penalty, in accordance with international trends aimed at abolishing the death penalty.

Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi said President Mnangagwa wants the death penalty banned.

Minister Ziyambi said this on Monday while giving oral evidence before a Senate thematic committee which wanted to be updated on the human rights situation in the country.

Minister Ziyambi said Zimbabwe had not executed convicts on death row since 2005.

“From 2005 we have had no execution. The 2013 Constitution was an improvement from the previous one in that women can no longer be sentenced to death; those under the age of 21 are no longer sentenced to death, those over 70 are spared the death penalty,” said Minister Ziyambi.

Minister Ziyambi said through debate in Parliament legislators should decide whether to remove the death penalty or not.

“I believe we are moving in line with what other countries are doing. Today (Monday) at the United Nations there is going to be a vote on a moratorium on the death penalty. Countries are voting to say even those on the death row can you give them a moratorium. You will agree that even when His Excellency was inaugurated in November, one of the first things he did was to commute part of death penalty (verdicts) to life sentence,” said Minister Ziyambi.

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