Tunisia: start of a campaign called “Red Vests”

Red Vests. Photo: Kapitalis

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Inspired by the protest movement of «yellow vests» in France, a national coordination of protest just announced Friday the start of a campaign called “Red Vests” throughout the Tunisian territory.

At the headquarters of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists (NUTJ), the founders of this protest campaign announced that they will organize movements across the 24 Tunisian provinces as a sign of dissatisfaction with rising prices and the deterioration of purchasing power.

“Almost the majority of these planned movements will take place in full respect of the norms of civilized and peaceful demonstrations and the standards of the rights of expression,” said Riadh Jrad, a member of this national coordination.

According to Najib Djiri, a member of the “Red Vests”, no less than 22 socio-economic demands were defined by the national coordination of this campaign, including the fight against soaring prices, wage increases or urgent reforms in education, health, transport and infrastructure.

The announcement of the campaign “Red Vests” coincides with the seizure today of more than 48,000 red vests and 2,000 yellow vests hidden in a warehouse in Sfax, Tunisia’s second-largest economy after the capital, located at three Tunis highway hours.

Sfax court spokesman Mourad Turki said the warehouse in question belongs to a well-known businessman in the region who, after a confession, confirmed that he had imported the vests three days earlier in order to supply them to companies ‘oil.

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