Ramaphosa suggests Mngxitama may be just ‘a lone voice in the wildernesses’

President Cyril Ramaphosa . Photo: RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – In a radio interview on radio 702 on Thursday afternoon with Xolany Ghawal, President Cyril Ramaphosa was asked about the recent rhetoric of Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andil Mngksita, who called for the disproportionate killing of five white people on Saturday, their children and their pets in retaliation for the death of one black man.

Ramaphosa, who spoke extensively in an interview about the need to continue the “nation-building project,” said that the more important question that needs to be asked is how representative this view is or whether it really represents a “lone voice in the desert”. “He added that, in his opinion, the majority of South Africans were generous and kind. He said that the anti-habits project remains the “best project” in the country, and it should never be abandoned in favor of hatred and separation.

Ramaphosa added that the hatred and racism of several white people cannot allow society to characterize all white people as racists.

Xwala recognized that Mngkitsama’s views were extreme, but noted that, especially on social networks, black people seem to be unhappy with how society develops after apartheid. Ramaphosa agreed, but said that the lessons of former late President Nelson Mandela should never be forgotten and that racists should be isolated and show their mistake.

He later said in an interview that most of the reported cases of racism appeared to be from the white community. Numerous political parties and non-governmental organizations have filed criminal charges and other complaints against Mngsitama and BLF, who defended their leader, accepting his explanation that he spoke of self-defence, apparently against billionaire Johann Rupert’s alleged involvement in taxi violence. The Independent Electoral Commission sent a strict warning to the BLF in order to refrain from further hate speech. The party risks being deregistered.

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