SA Government concerned about the growing number of South Africans detained abroad

South Africa's Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Lindiwe Sisulu. Photo : REUTERS

Pretoria, South Africa (ADV) – The South Africa’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) recently expressed concerns with the growing numbers of its citizens who are in prisons across the world for visa-related violations, drug-related charges, as well as various other offences.

According to the Minister International Relations and Cooperation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, who also expressed serious concern about South Africans being arrested or detained across the world as a result of these offences, more than 800 South Africans who are in prisons across the world, around 21% of them are in South America detained for drug-related charges.

Over 98 South Africans were detained in China for visa-related violations during the past six months and currently the 23 of them remain in detention in China while police investigations are continuing.

“It is very disconcerting that many South Africans are being arrested or detained abroad,” said Sisulu.

“We call on South Africans to make sure that they have the right traveling documents and correct visas where applicable. They should also know the location and contact details of the South African embassies, high commissions and consulates in the countries they are visiting.”

Earlier this year, more than 100 young South Africans who travelled to teach English in China, where detained, cautioned or questioned regarding visa violations.

The Minister also called on traveling South Africans to register with DIRCO or with the South African diplomatic missions abroad and ensure that they have the right traveling documents.

The Minister added that she has tasked the Department’s Director-General to ensure that all South Africans who are arrested across the world receive consular assistance and that DIRCO’s Consular Services Division, as well as South Africa’s diplomatic missions abroad make every effort to keep in touch with affected South Africans and their families.

The Minister further mentioned that she will engage her Chinese counterpart on the number of young South Africans being arrested and detained in China. “Young people who seek to teach in China must make sure that they consult the Chinese Embassy and verify the agents who are arranging their travel. The responsibility to ensure they have the correct visa for working abroad still rests with the individual.”

The Minister added that all traveling South Africans must also know the Department’s 24-hour switchboard number 0027 (0)12 351 1000 in case they need any assistance.

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