Niger: renewal for 3 months of the state of emergency in the east and the west

State of emergency of 3 months in Niger. Photo: Bamada

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The Nigerien government on Friday decided to extend the state of emergency for three months in the east and west of the country from December 18, and its extension to the south-west of the country in the face of persistence terrorist threats, announced an official statement.

In addition to the region of Diffa (east), bordering Nigeria, are concerned with the extension of the state of emergency in the west the departments of Ouallam, Ayorou, Bankilaré, Abala and Banibongou (Tillabéri region, west), and those of Tassara and Tillia (Tahoua region, west).

The state of emergency is also proclaimed for the first time in the departments of Tillabéri and Gothèye (south-west), still in the region of Tillabéri, near the borders of Mali and Burkina Faso.

Previously, it was the departments of Say, Torodi and Tera, in the same part (south-west) that had been placed in a state of emergency on November 30, due to the recurring actions of jihadist groups.

As a reminder, all these regions of Niger have been subjected to repeated attacks by terrorist forces, including the jihadist Boko Haram sect in some localities in Diffa, from its Nigerian positions, and terrorist groups from northern Mali, in recent years in western Niger, which resulted in hundreds of Nigerien civilian and military casualties, and as many displaced from Niger, Mali and Nigeria.

Regarding the insecurity in the west of the country, the government of Niger believes that it is the consequence of events in Libya in 2011 that resulted in the sanctuary of northern Mali by terrorist groups that have dispersed throughout the subregion, particularly in the Tillaberi and Tahoua regions, in Nigerien territory.

“The departments of Tillaberi and Gothye being exposed to the same threat, the present draft decree is taken to give the administrative authorities and the Defense and Security Forces deployed in these areas the necessary powers to reassure the population and protect the integrity of the territory, “says the government.

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