Egypt : Rome asks Cairo to reveal “suspected” guilty persons in Regeni death

An Egyptian activist holds a poster calling for justice to be done in the case of the murdered Italian student Giulio Regeni during a demonstration protesting the government's decision to transfer two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia, in front of the Press Syndicate in Cairo, Egypt, April 15, 2016. Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Italian public prosecutor has asked his Egyptian counterpart here to list some policemen as “suspected” in the case of Italian student Giulio Regeni who was found dead in Cairo in early 2016, official news agency MENA reported on Sunday.

“Rome prosecution filed again its request to place the names of some policemen on the list of Italian suspects registry, a request that was turned down in December last year,” MENA quoted a judicial source as saying.

The source underlined the talks between the two countries’ prosecutors as “transparent.”

During the meeting, Italy promised to conduct in-depth investigations into Regeni’s visa as he entered Egypt using a tourism visa not a visa for carrying out researches for his PhD, the source added.

On Thursday, Italy’s Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberto Fico announced the suspension of parliamentary relations with the Egyptian parliament, until current investigations into the case of Regeni are finalized.

On Friday, Egypt’s parliament said it regrets the decision of Italy’s lower house to suspend parliamentary ties.

In a Friday statement, the parliament said it was “surprised” by the Italian chamber’s “unilateral” decision and called for the non-politicization of legal issues.

Italy’s Foreign Ministry summoned on Friday the Egyptian ambassador to Rome to prompt authorities in Cairo to “act rapidly” in investigating Regeni’s case.

Regeni, a Cambridge University graduate student who was researching trade unions in Egypt, disappeared in Cairo on Jan. 25, 2016 that marked the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s uprising.

His body was found several days later by the side of a highway near Cairo with torture marks.

Rome’s chief prosecutor said that the young researcher was under Egyptian surveillance before his death due to his research into Egypt’s independent labor unions.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi repeatedly vowed to bring Regeni’s murderers to justice, blaming “conspirators” who attempt to cause tension in Egypt’s ties with Italy for the tragedy.

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