The closure of the premises of Orange Niger ordered by the tax authorities

Orange Niger. Photo: ActuNiger

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The General Tax Directorate of Niger has ordered the closure of the premises of Orange Niger in Niamey for “non-payment of tax”, announced the telecom company in a statement.

The Niger subsidiary of the French company Orange calls it “contestable” a tax adjustment of 22 billion CFA francs (33 million euros) decided by the Nigerien tax, which represents “nearly 50% (of its) turnover”, and is surprised by the “brutality “of this closure measure taken Thursday.

“Since the start of its activities in 2008 and to date, Orange Niger has always fulfilled its tax obligations”. “Orange Niger, as well as all the operators concerned by these adjustments, disputes this decision and has made a recourse to enable it to defend its interests with confidence,” said the company in its statement.

Orange Niger claims that “the continuity of the company” is “seriously threatened by these unilateral and disproportionate decisions”.

With “2.4 million customers”, Orange Niger has “532 employees” and “represents more than 52,000 direct and indirect jobs in Niger”. “The impact of its telecom and societal activities represents 2.89% of the country’s national GDP,” says the company.

Niger has four telecoms companies, which share 7.7 million subscribers to mobile phone services, for a population of 19 million. The penetration rate of the Internet is 19%, according to the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post (RATP).

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