Niger: eight dead in terrorist attack in Diffa region

A terrorist attack in the region of Diffa. Photo: Reuters

NEWSROOM (ADV) – A total of eight people including seven Nigerian employees of the French company Foraco, were killed in an attack on Wednesday night in Toumour in the region of Diffa (extreme south-eastern Niger), announced Thursday evening on the chain of Nigerian public television the governor of Diffa region, Mamane Bakabé.

“We deplore seven dead buried in Toumour, seven wounded transferred to the regional hospital of Diffa where unfortunately we have registered a death (among the wounded),” said the first official in the region who attended the funeral of the victims.

The commune of Toumour has been beset for more than three years by Boko Haram’s repeated attacks from its Nigerian positions, which have caused hundreds of civilian and military casualties in this part of Niger.

The last attack dates back to August 8, when a civilian was killed and several stores looted by members of the sect.

However, thanks to large-scale operations led by a multinational force of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria troops against the terrorist sect for more than a year, terrorist attacks have been relatively lenient in the region.

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