70% of boarding schools in Uganda are substandard

Focusing on the education system is the key for business development and investment in Uganda. Photo : RR

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – The Ugandan government has revealed that about 70 per cent of the secondary schools are illegally operating boarding sections, sources said Wednesday.

Uganda’s leading independent Daily Monitor quoted Ms Frances Atima, the assistant commissioner in the Directorate of Education Standards (DES), as saying that the schools are licensed as day schools and that any institution which wants to have a boarding section must apply separately.

“After that application, the schools should be inspected and if they meet the minimum standards, be given authority to operate,” Ms. Atima said.

However, she said this boarding section arrangement is purely facilitated by parents as government policy only emphasises access to quality education.

“We already raised the red flag that many schools are operating boarding facilities without authority from the ministry. No school is registered as day and boarding other than the schools that are traditional which were there in the early years.

For those that have been registered in recent years, they are registered as day schools but given authority to have boarding section after applying. The boarding section is a responsibility of parents,” Ms Atima said.

“Unfortunately, most of our schools don’t comply. Of the 800 secondary schools we inspected in a certain period, only 30 per cent of the schools comply with the required standards.

“Most of them still operate without authority. Even some of those which have authority have flouted the rules and regulations,” she added.

A report on the inspected schools last year shows that 452 schools did not meet the minimum standards.
Schools surveyed but without boarding facilities have been left out.

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