A.U.’s goal to net US$400m for peace fund in 2025 is realistic-Official

African Union Commission. Photo: RR

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – A seinor African Union Commission official has said the contribution of African governments to the African Peace Fund was “remarkable and gaining momentum”.

Pierra Moukoko, the boss of the AU Commission Reform Implement Unit told reporters in Addis today that AUC has set the goal to reach 400 million USD by 2025.

A.U member states are expected to contribute a total of 65 million USD annually.

“So, the good news is that member states have thus far contributed 55 million USD,” Moukoko said, adding that “It is just incredible. … (It shows) the commitment of our heads of state and government”.

Concerning the levy on legible imports to contribute to the budget of AU, he revealed that the issue of imposing sanction on countries that do not pay their contribution in accordance to the agreed 0.2 percent levy on legible imports will be tabled.

He explained that the central and western African regions were implementing the 0.2 percent levy to meet their contributions.

Moukoko pointed out that only 24 member states have harmonized the financial mechanism to that of their nation.

“Bringing all member states on board at the same time was the critical challenge; and I think it will continue as countries face different constrains,” he told the Ethiopian News Agency reporter.

Among other things, the fund will be used to provide logistics and other relevant material for the promotion of peace including conflict prevention and management on the continent.

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