South Africa : the city of Durban targets good tourism revenues during Southern summer

Durban’s North Beach and Golden Mile area will soon be classed alongside major beach locations of the world. Photo : TM

NEWSROOM (ADV) – South Africa’s coastal city of Durban aims to attract over 850,000 domestic visitors and 150,000 international visitors which will create over 169 million U.S. dollars in revenues during the 2018 festive season, said a government official on Thursday.

EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said this during the launch of the festive season in Durban. She said they have put measures in place to attract tourists to create jobs and economic growth.

“We are rolling out the red carpet for everyone who will be coming here in the festive season.” said Gumede.

She said that they expect about 1.1 million visitors to the Durban beaches between December 1 and February 2019. Mayor Gumede stated that they have put security measures in place to ensure visitors are safe.

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