YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness

Two children pushing wheelbarrows through garden. Photo : Foundation for Young Farmers

Johannesbourg, South Africa (ADV) – Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has launched a program to explore the many features of agriculture in the continent.

The initiative calls on young people to be champions of Agriculture in their countries by joining “YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness”.

“Today, We are excited to announce YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness!,” reads a statement released by YALI Network Team.

“For the next few months, we’ll explore the many facets of agriculture including how technology and communications are transforming the sector, what opportunities exist for young entrepreneurs, and what you can do to support agriculture locally. Start today by joining YALIGoesGreen for Agribusiness and committing to be a champion for agriculture in your country.”

The YALI Network provides members with invaluable opportunities to connect with other leaders in their community and to learn from experts in their field.

According to YALI, “Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating soil, growing crops, raising livestock, processing products, and getting them to market.

“Agriculture provides the food to nourish populations, the feed needed for animals, the fiber for clothes, and the fuel to power industry. Agricultural products are the very basis for what builds your communities and grows your economies. However, agriculture is much more than farming. It’s business. It’s science. It’s engineering. It’s energy. It’s entrepreneurship. It’s information. It’s technology.”

YALI also added that those who will join their initiative they will “receive a personalised graphic to share on social media. Share it using the hashtag #YALIGoesGreen and encourage your friends, family, and networks to join and share as well”.

YALI also runs Regional Leadership Centers (RLC) which are located at higher education institutions in sub-Saharan Africa and offer leadership training programs to young leaders between the ages of 18 and 35. The RLCs serve as a place for regional collaboration driven by young leaders by providing in-person and online training, networking, and professional development opportunities.

In their ranks there is also The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, which begun in 2014. The flagship program of the YALI empowers young people through academic coursework, leadership training, and networking.

In 2019, the Fellowship will provide 700 outstanding young leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to hone their skills at a U.S. college or university with support for professional development after they return home.

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