Uganda’s heavy weight boxer goes pro, faces Kenyan Uguru soon

Ugandan heavy weight boxer, Shafiik Kiwanuka. Photo: Monitor

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Ugandan heavy weight boxer, Shafiik Kiwanuka has been admitted into the Irish pro ranks by the boxing promotions company, Big Strikers, sources said.

The 23-year-old has signed an undisclosed deal following a short-but-successful amateur career, Uganda’s leading Daily Monitor has reported.

Kiwanuka rose from the Kampala Boxing Club up to the heavyweight category for three years, winning the national open title in 2016.

The 6 feet 5 inches towering boxer is fond of overshadowing his challengers with a powerful right punch that has earned him the name ‘Killing Machine’.

In 2015, he was a finalist in the Irish Open.

Abdu Tebazalwa, who trained him in the amateurs, intends to help the puncher rule the heavyweight division.

“He is a fiercely ambitious young man that is eager to learn every day, which is vital to make it in this sport. His commitment shows how dedicated he is to becoming a star, and I can’t wait to see his journey get underway,” Tebazalwa told reporters.

Kiwanuka will make his debut on the NRM Liberation Day on January 26 next year against Kenyan opponent Obadiah Mwangi.

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