Mali: magistrates put an end to more than three months of strike

Magistrates of Mali. Photo: Mali actu

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Unlimited strike since July 27, the magistrates of Mali have decided to suspend their movement, announced Thursday the Autonomous Union of the Judiciary (SAM) and the Free Union of the Judiciary (Sylma) after a General Assembly extraordinary, local media reported Friday.

Work will resume in the courts and courts next Monday, according to the two unions who have not given any details on the conditions of this recovery.

In recent days, several mediations have helped to renew the thread of dialogue between the government and the unions, particularly that of retired magistrates.

In addition to revenue losses for the Treasury, this strike of more than three months has had serious social and political consequences for the country. As a result, the parliamentary elections were postponed twice, and therefore the term of office of the deputies was likely to be extended.

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