France begs to regain foothold in Central African Republic

French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. Photo: TV5

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is wooing the Central African Republic not to replace his country’s traditional partnership with the one being nurtured with impressive Russia.

Mr. Le Drian’s brief visit to CAR on Friday was the first by a French government minister since the country pulled out its military at the height of a security crisis in October 2016.

The minister apparently did not make any public statement on the visit.

But shortly following Mr. Le Drian’s brief visit, Louis Magloire Keumayou, President of the African information club wrote on Africanews portal that “the Central African Republic currently needs partners, (and) I think it cannot do without partners and a historical partner like France…(which) has simply slowed things in recent years, leading other partners to take over, notably Russia”.

By all indication, the minister’s brief visit to CAR on Friday was purposely intended to woo the leaders of the African country to reconsider France.

Commenting further, Mr Keumayou said that France ”…if France wants to regain its place in both the defence and security of the Central African Republic, it is up to France to make efforts”.

He said France’s “front row seat on the African continent is greatly been challenged, (and) I think that is what French diplomacy has understood and is now trying to correct in terms of influence on the Central African Republic”.

The French minister’s trip comes at a time when the Russia government and people are making incredible efforts to salvage the socio-economic, humanitarian and security situation in the Central Africa Republic.

© Bur-csa – N.W / From our regional correspondent Tamba Jean-Matthew III – African Daily Voice (ADV)