Egypt: Egyptian Armed Forces kill 18 terrorists in Sinai

Egyptian Armed Forces. Photo: Almashareq

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Egyptian armed forces and police have killed 18 terrorists in northern and central Sinai during counter-terrorist raids in recent days, a military spokesman said Thursday.

“The national security forces have killed ten extremely dangerous fighters in the city of El-Arish in North Sinai Province,” Tamer al-Refaay said in a statement.

“129 suspected and wanted criminals were arrested and two explosive devices were seized during the raid on El-Arish,” he added.

The other eight terrorists were shot dead in air strikes targeting other areas in northern and central Sinai.

In the center of Sinai, the forces also destroyed 141 roadside bombs targeting security guards, the statement said.

A total of 147 fighters’ bastions and weapon warehouses, 16 four-wheeled vehicles and 35 motorcycles were also destroyed in the air strikes.

An Egyptian army officer was killed in firing with the fighters, the statement said.

The Sinai Peninsula is a den of terrorist groups in Egypt, including the “Sinai State”, a group based in Sinai and affiliated with the Islamic State (IS).

In February, Egypt launched a massive anti-terrorist operation called “Sinai 2018” that has so far killed more than 420 terrorists and claimed the lives of more than 30 soldiers.

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