Central African Republic : when the West wants to foil Russian peace

Faustin Archange Touadera and Vladimir Putin. Photo: TASS

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NEWSROOM (ADV) – The ammunition generously delivered by Russia to the Central African Republic has been of strategic importance to the restructuring of the Bangui defense forces.

Consecutively, people’s moral improved significantly as a result of the stabilization of public order and the resumption of confidence in the FACA’s ability to prevent aggression by armed groups against civilians.

Russia anxious to honor the international legality has requested the mandate of the Security Council of the UN for the conveyance of arms to the Central African Republic.

After a successful first delivery and the pacification of the country which become reality since now Russian instructors assist, advise and train the Central African forces to respect human rights, today some influential Western powers are trying against the current of history to break the hard working of Moscow and Bangui in establishing peace in the country.

It seems that these Western powers are using their veto to dazzle the blockage of a second arms delivery in the Central African Republic.

The Central African presidency is questioning the real reasons for this dictum, especially that things are going well in the country.

Today the FACA ensure the security of the borders of this great country. Only yesterday before the arrival of the Russian ally, these forces were confined only to the administrative capital of the country.

Russia, confident of its international achievements in peacekeeping operations, intends to remain always a faithful and serene friend of the Central African Republic in its legitimate struggles every day for the return of a lasting peace in this great African countries.

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