Tunisia: “MEGARA Challenge 2018” creates a project of smart cities

MEGARA Challenge 2018. Photo: Espace Manager

NEWSROOM (ADV) – With the new Constitution pushing for administrative and territorial decentralization, no less than 3.5 million Tunisians have joined the municipal system despite the enormous complications that accompany the spread of this system throughout the country, said the Tunisian Minister of Finance, Environment and local communities, Riadh Mouakher.

Mr. Mouakher intervened on the sidelines of “MEGARA Challenge 2018”, an international competition in the field of “smart cities”. The event closes Thursday at La Marsa (a municipality in the northern suburbs of Tunis). 60 Tunisian, Arab, African and European municipalities took part in this event.

“Our vision is to create the Smart City project, based on four pillars: creating an environment with local and public governments, the second pillar represented by companies, because we need their ideas and services, the third pillar is represented by academia and the latter represented by civil society, “said Eduard Dumitrasçu, president of WSCO (World’s Smart Cities Organization).

According to him, the main current challenge is to strengthen rural development and hope to alleviate the pressures of urbanism especially in light of global threats to climate change and their effects on ecosystems.

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