DRC: 11 dead and 15 people kidnapped after rebel attack in Beni

The Blue Helmets. Photo: Press Ca

NEWSROOM (ADV) – At least 11 people have been killed and 15 others, including 10 children, kidnapped in the night from Saturday to Sunday after an attack by Ugandan rebels of the Democratic Allied Forces in Beni in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, security sources said.

“We have just collected 11 bodies of civilians killed in Matete”, north of Beni after the attack of the rebels, “15 people are missing including 10 children whose age varies between five and ten years,” said the Colonel Safari Kazingufu, chief of police of the city of Beni.

“The population is angry, we are stifling any event,” he said.

“This attack by suspected ADF targeted the city of Beni, we have repulsed the attack but unfortunately, there have been deaths among civilians and military,” said the spokesman for the armed in the region, Captain Mak Hazukay.

Earlier, the UN Mission in the DRC (Monusco) reported that the Blue Helmets exchanged fire on Saturday night with suspected rebels in Beni.

Ugandan rebels, the ADF are accused of being the perpetrators of a series of massacres that have left hundreds of civilians dead since October 2014. They are also held responsible for the deaths of 15 Tanzanian peacekeepers during an attack from a base in December 2017 in Semuliki, further east, to the border with Uganda.

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