South Sudan : government refute murdering and maiming accusations

South Sudan descended into civil war in late 2013. The UN estimates that about 4 million South Sudanese have been displaced internally and externally. Photo : Reuters

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The South Sudan government on Wednesday denied that its army killed and maimed children as alleged in a United Nations report that accuses the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and rebel groups of violations.

Information minister Michael Makuei Lueth said the figures on the atrocities committed on children mentioned in the latest report by Virginia Gamba, special representative of the UN secretary-general for children and armed conflict before the UN Security Council (UNSC), are concocted and not substantiated.

“If they can give us a copy of the (individual) names then we can act,” said Makuei in Juba. “These are reports that are written by people who have decided to take advantage of the plight of the people of South Sudan.”

The UN report, released on Monday, said over 9,200 children were victims of grave violations between October 2014 and June 2018.

“Grave violations against children were often interconnected: abduction took place for the purpose of recruitment; boys and girls recruited were killed or maimed or sexually abused,” said Gamba.

The report said children were also used to commit atrocities against civilians and other children, thus perpetuating the cycle of violence.

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