Algeria : heavy munitions unearthed in Algerian southern provinces

Algerian military uncovers enormous weapons on border with Mali. Photo : RR

NEWSROOM (ADV) – Algerian army troops on Friday discovered a load of war weapons and ammunition in the southernmost locality of In Guezzam, near the border with Niger, Defense Ministry said Saturday in a statement.

The source noted that after a search operation conducted by counterterrorism troops, a hideout was discovered, which contained a Kalashnikov-type machine gun, two sniper rifles, six rockets for RPG-7, a grenade for FLG rifle and several hundred bullets of different calibers.

The source indicated that army troops also discovered terror hideouts in the western province of Sidi Belabes, while four individuals suspected of providing support for terrorist groups were arrested in eastern provinces of Batna and Jijel.

The source recalled that two terrorists laid down their arms to military authorities in the southernmost locality of Bordj Badji Mokhtar on the border with Mali.

The two surrendered militants handed over to authorities two Kalashnikov-type machine guns, five magazines and a quantity of ammunition.

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