Guinea: Government urges companies to adhere to ECOWAS trade liberalization scheme

The headquarters of ECOWAS. Photo: Official site of ECOWAS

NEWSROOM (ADV) – As part of the subregional integration, the Guinean government intends to encourage companies to join the scheme of liberalization of trade (SLEC) within the space of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

It is with this in mind that a meeting of consultation and exchange was organized Friday by the Ministry in charge of African Cooperation and Integration for several national companies involved in sub-regional trade in the region ECOWAS space.

According to the Ministry’s representative, ECOWAS-SLEC is an operational tool for promoting the West African region as a Free Trade Area (FTA), the protocol of which was adopted in 1979 by Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS.

In August 2017, the former president of Niger and president of the “Task Force” of SLEC Saliou Djibo carried out an advocacy mission to Guinea for the implementation of said protocol.

Since last year, the Guinean government has undertaken missions to encourage companies to seek approval at ECOWAS SLEC in order to benefit from its advantages and to better know their rights and obligations contained in the provisions of the protocol on the free trade area.

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