Ethiopian premier chops down cabinet, flags up peace ministry

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. Picture: Twitter Dr_abiy

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Ethiopia’s high-spirit Premier Abiy Ahmed, has chopped down and merged several ministries in an unprecedented cabinet reshuffle and for the first time, set up a peace ministry

A government statement late Thursday night, insinuated that the reshuffle was in line with new economic policy directives that prompted the reduction of cabinet portfolios from 28 to 20.

Whereas the novelty with the creation of the Ministry of Peace was underpinned by internal security challenges characterized by a secessionist rebellion and civil disorders fueled by frustration with Premier Ahmed’s sweeping policy reforms.

Peace and security remain on top of the Premier’s agenda as he continues to trumpet his government’s determination and pledge to support and uphold the rule of law principally through the new Ministry of Peace.

Meanwhile, Premier Ahmed continues to bask in the adulation of the international community and across a large spectrum of the heterogynous Ethiopian population for his innovative and politically savvy leadership of Africa’s oldest republic.

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