Angry protesters notch Kenya to back out of South Sudan war

A group of Kenyan Defence Force {KDF} soldiers attached to the UN mission in South Sudan. Photo : AFP

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADV) – Angry South Sudanese nationals and their Kenyan supporters in Nairobi, are notching the Kenyatta government to stop brokering the civil war in South Sudan.

A leading Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi, made the call while also accusing leading banks in Kenya of supporting warlords in South Sudan, sources said Friday.

Local media reports quoted Mwangi as making the statements during a large public demonstration that literally pushed life in Nairobi to a halt on Thursday evening.

Mwangi and his associates swore to pursue their demonstrations until the Kenyan government and the concerned banks yielded to their demands.

He named the concerned banks as the Kenya Commercial Bank, Equity, and the Stanbic Bank.

“War criminals are looting South Sudan,” one placard read while another* snapped: “Stop stealing our gold money!”

Mwangi explained that the war in South Sudan was far from being a simple power struggle between the factions of President Salva Kiir and his ex- deputy, Riek Machar but rather, that the Kenyan government was supplying arms to warring factions in exchange for money.

As for those banks, Mwangi said they were handling millions of dollar worth of transactions that reward generals and warlords “not just to continue massacring their own people, but able to profit from it through illegal trade in oil and teak wood smuggling.”

The African Press Agency correspondent in Nairobi quoted a United Nations panel report released earlier in the year as saying, that Kenya’s banking and real-estate sectors are key destinations for financial assets and laundered funds from South Sudan.

The source further disclosed that a 2016 report sanctioned by the Sentry Group, founded by renowned American actor, George Clooney, exposes in detail how Kenyan banks laundered billions for the South-Sudan elites and military chiefs.

It went on to state that in February this year, the Kenyan government denied allegations that the East African nation has been trafficking large quantities of weapons and ammunition into South Sudan.

Further to that, the source also recalled that the United Nations Special Advisor for Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng had accused Kenya of fueling South Sudan’s civil war.

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